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Is Kim Kardashian's 20 carat diamond recycled?

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Is Kim Kardashian's 20 carat diamond recycled?

Submitted by Paula Duffy on 2011-11-10

The tale we were told about how Kim Kardashian ended up with diamond from then-fiance' Kris Humphries was straight out of their mouths and published in May by People magazine.

The exclusive report, accompanied by photos of the stunning piece of jewelry started with Kim's wish for a large diamond to adorn her finger. "I just knew I wanted it to be big! It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” said Kardashian of the ring. “It’s perfect.” Read: Kim Kardashian's 20 carat diamond is bigger than sister Khloe's.

According to Jonathan Jaxson, Kim's former PR rep is shopping a tell-all book about the Kardashian family and one of his juicier tidbits is about the diamond ring. He was willing to share details with the celebrity website.
He claims that it was already owned by Kim, purchased herself prior to the Humphries engagement. According to Jaxson, it was part of a staged public relations gambit set up by him and acted to perfection by Ms. Kardashian herself.
In 2007, to create some buzz that she might be engaged to former boyfriend and NFL running back Reggie Bush, Kim and Jaxson alerted paparazzi to catch her coming out of XIV, a jeweler in Beverly Hills.

She had the ring on as she exited the premises but what wasn't known at the time was that Kim Kardashian carried the jewelry into the store inside her purse, only to take it out, wear it and strut outside.

Compare that to the lovely story that Kim and Kris told People in May. Kim walked into her bedroom to find rose petals arranged in the shape of letters that spelled out "Will You Marry Me? and was given the ring.

Humphries told People that he helped design the ring with Lorraine Schwartz, who has supplied Kim with jewelry for appearances and events. When Jonathan Jaxson caught site of the supposed engagement right he knew he'd seen it before.

"Lo and behold the ring is the same ring that she allegedly got from Kris and had to be shipped via a Brinks truck, as played out on their show this year.”

The description of the mega-diamond from the People article claims that the center stone is 16.5 carats in an emerald cut, set off on each side by 2 carat stones. It has been the subject of much speculation in the wake of Kardashian filing for divorce from Humphries after 72 days of marriage.

TMZ reported that the jewelry was specifically mentioned in the pre-nuptial agreement the couple signed and in the event of a marital split, Kim was to pay Humphries the amount he spent on the ring so she could keep it.

That piece of information conflicts with the story being told by Jonathan Jaxson, who insists Kim owned the ring four years prior to her engagement. A battle of the tell-all celebrity gossip mongers is just what the Kardashian-Humphries story needs to keep it fresh and on the front page.

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