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Colombian Emerald Diamond Earrings HQ

Egypt has contributed not only the pyramids at Gaza but also precious jewels worn by nobility. As the site of the worlds earliest mines, Egyptian jewels were traded up and down the coast of Africa and even among Chinese merchants.

Allow me five minutes to give you a summarized background of the precious jewel known as an emerald gems. Also mined in what some thought was the new world, these beautiful stones were shipped to Spain to become part of the estates of kings, queens and other royalty. Today, quality emeralds are prized as priceless investments that are not only beautiful, but hold their value as an economic commodity.

Emeralds are said to be fit more for royalty than any other precious gems. When you give a woman jewelry made of emeralds you are telling her she is the Queen of your heart. One amazing fact about emeralds is that they have a low specific gravity weight. This simply means that a one carat emerald earring will be larger than a one carat diamond earring.

In the trail of the home market melt down and soft market scandals investments in commodities are on the upswing. If you purchase gems and jewelry as an investment keep in mind that emeralds have generally held value in the market. As a portable commodity this valuable natural asset from Colombia could be a crop asset for any heavy financier. Marketplace emerald values leapt from the standard $40,000 per carat for the best quality emeralds to nearly $90,000 per carat for a nine carat cut Muzo Global emerald, which lately sold at Christie's Auction House in New York. Keep in mind that emerald prices are subject to influences of supply and demand.

The future value of these jewels is expected to escalate. The demand far exceeds the supply and costs will go up. If you purchase Colombian emerald diamond earrings for their investment value as well as their beauty, it would be wise to consult an investment professional. Additionally you may want to speak with a tax professional to see if and or how you may need to report your purchase.

A quality Colombian emerald will command a ten to twenty percent premium over African and Brazilian emeralds of similar size and lucidity. Though high end Zambian emeralds don't command the costs of top quality Colombian emeralds, they have got the edge over Brazilian emeralds in the current day's market.

It is known that most emeralds contain imperfections. Colombian emeralds are not exceptions to this truth. However, what sets Colombian emeralds apart from other precious stones is their color. The deep green hue accounts for up to 60 percent of the value of these stones. Though rare, flawless emeralds can command astronomical prices.
However, keep in mind that most emeralds will contain some sort of imperfection.

Zambian emeralds generally have a tendency to be a medium to light green with a bluish hint. Due to their bright animated color and incredible clearness, Zambian emeralds were initially suspected to be synthesized by established dealers when first discovered in 1976. For those that can't afford the top grade Colombian emeralds, the non augmented Zambian emerald might be a good runner up. The Zambian emerald was accepted as an authentic emerald by Tiffanys in 1989. The authentication and legitimacy conferred upon Zambian emeralds has resulted in higher prices for Zambian emeralds.

Emeralds from Zambia are trending now for one or two reasons. Like the cutters and polishers of Colombian emeralds, the Zambian emerald workmen apply the accepted way of oiling only using clear oils. Though Zambian emeralds as a rule don’t command the costs of very good quality Colombian emeralds, the majority are quality gems.

Colombian emerald diamond earrings as well as emerald birthstones allow portable wealth in that you can hold up to a million dollars value in your hand and then put it in your pocket. Discretion of value is a major reason many collectors are willing to pay the price to purchase emeralds. Emerald prices are affordable if you plan ahead. Emeralds can be used as a form of barter between individuals.

When cleaning your jewels avoid ultrasonic cleaning machines. The machines do a great job of loosening surface dirt and grit, however in the cleaning process these machines can remove the oil that has been applied to your jewelry.

When cleaning your jewels avoid ultrasonic cleaning machines. The machines do a great job of loosening surface dirt and grit, however in the cleaning process these machines can remove the oil that has been applied to your jewelry. Properly oiling emeralds helps to hide the imperfections.

If you clean your own emeralds whether or earrings or rings, make sure you use lukewarm not cold water. Lukewarm water does a much better job of removing dirt and grit that may accumulate on your jewelry. Today would be a good day to add emeralds to your jewelry and financial portfolio. The future value can only go up!

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